Free College Classes

Education is not for anyone but yourself and it can never be taken from you. What's the catch? Let me explain it for you. Have you ever meet someone and thought to yourself "Wow, he sure is smart!" You may have even thought to yourself, "I wonder how long he had to go to school?" I better you never thought to question which school he went to or did he even graduate. Those things you automatically accept as being topnotch and absolute. In the world of today, those questions no longer matter. The question that does matter is can you do the job. Employers no longer wont to hire people to train, they want people who bring knowledge and capability to the door. With these schools you can take any course for free and learn like any other student, BUT if you want a piece f paper from them declaring your brilliance, well you will have to pay a small fee for that privilege. Schools usually charge $450 to $2500 per class but here you can skip all the pre-course work and take only what you want to learn for free with the option to pay just about $99 for a certificate if you want to have one.

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