Ask yourself when was the last time you shoved your 3 inch piece of card stock into someone's hand only to never hear from them again. How many times has someone told you, "Oh, I lost your Business Card." I guess the real question is, "How many times are you going to need to hear that before you realize you are wasting your time running around with a pocket full of something that means nothing to the people you give it away to. Good news is there is a better way to do everything and here is a solution that will help you out. It's cheaper, your don't have to wait for shipping and you will never run out again, but best of all it works. By works I mean it really pays out in return calls and follow-up features. Best of all you can even do a simple card for FREE, but like most things of tremendous value your going to have to put a little skin in the game too. Very little if you ask me, because its just $10 and you can get all the bells and whistles, plus you get 10 digital business cards you can use for different things your into or share with a friend.
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