Websites are the digital version of Real-estate. Have you ever thought about having your own website. Companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter make it easy for you to have your very own website, so easy you probably never even thought of them as website. They don't even charge you. Now, Ask yourself Why...? What's in it for them...? How can they afford it...? It simple, he who owns the website has all the rights and privileges. Yes, you are the one doing the uploading and designing and yes, you're the one with all the friends, but the moment you put it on "their site" you GIVE it to them, for FREE. The they use all your personal info and efforts to make money that they don't bother to share with you. Don't be mad they do let you use their site for free. If you own the site you own the content. All of it. That mean any money made on your site is yours to keep.
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